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Still's Osteopathy

Nicholas Handoll, DO

Journal of the American Academy of Osteopthy, March 2023

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Down's Syndrome
Handoll N: The Osteopathic Management of Children with Down's Syndrome.

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Anatomy of Potency: energy osteopathy and quantum physics.
Nicholas Handoll
Second edition 2016


Potency refers to the potential for regeneration and renewal of the living system. First published in year 2000, this revised and updated second edition of Anatomy of Potency distills our current knowledge of quantum physics into a digestible form. Based on solid reasoning and observation, it raises the questions: What is reality? What is sense perception? and how do the two interact?   It might change your perception of the world.


"I recommend this book to anyone who has ever sat with his or her hands upon a patient, marvelling at the capacity of life to act, wishing they understood the process more.  In other words, I recommend this book to all who practise osteopathy."  Rachel E. Brooks, M.D.

"A gift to osteopathy.  Nicholas Handoll touchingly and paternally holds our hands while taking us on a journey.  When, as the journey ends, it finally gives way to the author’s re-appraisal of our work based on all that’s gone before, the result is a personal and deeply felt understanding of patients, practitioners, illnesses, treatments and the whole electromagnetic soup that it’s all dissolved in, that simply feels true."  Robert Lever, B.A., D.O.  Osteopathy Today, British Osteopathic Association

"This is a must read book. A seminal text on Osteopathy and the New Physics. Very well referenced, erudite and readable. If all you wanted was to understand modern physics this book is the broadest and most readable, yet true to the science, I have found. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will return to Anatomy of Potency many times."  Rex Brangwyn, B.A., D.O.  The Osteopath, The official journal of the General Osteopathic Council (UK)

"Anatomy of Potency is for the seeker of knowledge and for the individual who questions.  Nicholas Handoll is asking for us to look in between the lines of William Sutherland’s work and search for a deeper appreciation and understanding of the mechanism that motivates the forces of healing.  Nicholas Handoll offers us a view of 21st century Osteopathy."  Steve Paulus, D.O.  Inter Linea: The Journal of Osteopathic Philosophy (U.S.A.)

"The central question of the book is: What is the source of the physiological motion, first described by Dr Sutherland? Finding the usually proffered answers to this question incomplete, the author asks his readers to shift mental perspective and consider new ways of experiencing themselves in spacetime.  We are given the beginnings of a possible language to enable us to speak together more precisely and to explain to others what it is that we feel when we place our hands and contact the living tissues of our patients. This is terrific!"  Suzanna Thorpe, B.A., D.O.  Ostium,The news magazine of the Australian Osteopathic Association

"The first part of the book justifies its cover-price but, for me, the excitement was in the second half.  The final three chapters are masterful. Wow!"  Alison Brown, D.O.  Sutherland Cranial College Newsletter (UK)

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Energy Osteopathy course reviews


“Nick has pushed the science right to the edge and opened up the world in a new way. He offers us an opportunity to take a leap into a bigger way of being in the world. Go if you’re open for a new challenge!

Try the course even if you practice structurally.      Expand your understanding; it will help you no matter how you work.

The clearest description of osteopathic philosophy I have heard.    Go, if you want to further your development.

During the detailed science descriptions, the solid ground of common-sense got pulled away from under my feet!

Made me realise the awesomeness and amazingness of the universe in a RELEVANT way to practice!!!   Revolutionary!

A mix of cutting-edge physics to explain osteopathic philosophy.    Brought physics alive!

Explained physics concepts better than any of my A-level or Degree level lecturers!    The perspective was mind-blowing!

Showed up some ways of thinking about osteopathy with some great discoveries about palpation.

Confirming, anchoring, transformational, encouraging.   Will widen your horizon to how powerful osteopathy can be.      

Sharp mind; big heart; one full day!     You must go on it.  It will expand your practice and your life view.

The Honesty and Open Questioning about what we’re doing.       I’ll incorporate it into my practice. 

Very inspiring.   It gave me a different perspective of how I can apply my work in practice and everyday life.

Your personal words were spell-binding – I could feel you speaking from the void, encouraging us to take a step because of the difference it can make.   At this point, it felt like we were standing on sacred ground. Thank you for going there!


Rennes, Brittany, 20th & 21st March 2020

London, 1st - 2nd May 2021.  See:

* 1ST-2ND MAY 2021 *

This mind-blowing workshop brings palpatory work up-to-date with a step-by-step guide beyond the cellular level of the body to the smallest packets of known matter - quantum mechanics. Even if you have no knowledge of physics you will become comfortably familiar with the essence of matter, as concepts are skilfully presented by Nicholas Handoll in small steps, and are not as difficult to grasp as you may think.

Join Nicholas on the journey that begins with A T Still. Walk with Nicholas through the centuries, borrowing understanding from the great thinkers including Newton and Einstein to modern physicists such as Paul Davies and Carlo Rovelli. Novel guided practice sessions led by Caroline Penn will allow you to explore these concepts and apply yourself to hands-on work in new, practical and expanding ways.

• Enjoy a review of the central essence of Dr Still’s message and leave with a renewed understanding of his philosophy and principles, lending clarity to your everyday practice.
• Understand the fundamental and ubiquitous nature of all matter which allows for a new perspective to our approach with clients.
• Position everyday experience into context with the mass of invisible manifestations of matter.
• Balance the deeper understanding of what it is we are with that which is unknown, including space-time, black holes, and more.
• Learn how to find safety in working within this deeper understanding of the cosmos and the inter-relationships of which we are a part.

Course Tutors:

Nicholas Handoll D.O., F.S.C.C. has been an international teacher and lecturer for 40 years, and in 1993 he co-founded the Sutherland Cranial College, an independent post-graduate institution in the UK for teaching the cranial concept. Dissatisfied with the biomechanical model of osteopathy prevalent in the 1970s, he studied with many of the great American osteopathic physicians including Rollin Becker, Anne Wales, Robert Fulford, Harold Magoun, Alan Becker, Herb Miller and Viola Frymann, researching into the cranial concept and the original ideas of Drs Still and Sutherland.

He was guided by Rollin Becker to research quantum mechanics, which began to open the big picture: the interrelatedness of the body as a mechanical, physical, emotional and quantum entity both within itself and also in its relationship with our environment. Dr Still’s writings and his philosophy of osteopathy began to have meaning.

Nicholas is author of the ground-breaking book Anatomy of Potency, that presents an examination of quantum physics, helping us to develop an understanding of who we are, what we are, the interactions of nature and the limited Newtonian model of reality, paving the way to a modern view of osteopathic and craniosacral practices.

Caroline Penn D.O., M.Sc., F.S.C.C., P.H.I. is a qualified teacher, involved in teaching osteopathy internationally at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. She established an accredited teacher training programme specifically for osteopaths in 1993. She is a co-founder of The Sutherland Cranial College and a founder Osteopath with the ‘Osteopathic Centre for Children’ (now the ‘Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy’).

Caroline is an authority on problems in babies and has worked with infants in special care baby units and collaborated with audiology services in Hertfordshire for children with glue ear. She has pioneered osteopathic work in the dental field, with jaw and occlusion problems. She has a close working relationship with a number of orthodontists and is a member of The British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders. Caroline has also taken further study in areas that include gestalt psychotherapy, traumatic and disc injuries, scoliosis and neurodevelopmental and behavioural issues.

Caroline is also a practitioner with the HANDLE Institute in the USA and integrates her understanding of neurodevelopment in her work.

Nicholas Handoll & Caroline Penn

Venue and Times:
Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT.
Nearest station: Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line and Mainline).
Class times from 10.00am-6pm on the first day, and 9.30am to 5.00pm on the second day.

£240 if payment is received before 5th March 2021, or £260 if received after this date. All fees are non-refundable. Please make cheques payable to ‘CTET’ and send to the address below, or contact our administrator for bank details to make a transfer.

For further details and bookings, please contact:
Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust, 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP
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Anatomy Of Potency

May 1st-2nd 2021

with Nicholas Handoll D.O., F.S.C.C.
and Caroline Penn D.O., M.Sc., F.S.C.C., P.H.I.

To reserve a place please e-mail: